Digital Test
Staying Safe Online
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Complete the Digital Test by correctly answering the questions below and scoring 80% or more. When you pass the test you will receive a Digital Certificate.

Sexting, can be described as, taking a sexually explicit photograph and sharing it via your mobile to others.

Only people you have accepted as a friend can post on your Timeline.

Your story on Snapchat lasts forever.

PEGI rating indicates the appropriate age for each game.

Your Activity Log can be viewed by your friends on Facebook.

By adding a hashtag on Instagram, you will be able to tap the hashtag to view other photos and videos which have the same hashtag attached.

A post on Facebook can be a photo, GIF, text, video or link to another website.

You can play online games on consoles, computers, smartphones, tablets and social networking sites.

You can take a screenshot while using an app.

In-app purchases can be restricted.