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Decoy Apps

What are decoy apps?

Decoy Apps look and often provide the same function as the App they represent does. On a decoy calculator the calculator will work but will also provide an additional function; access to a hidden compartment controlled by a passcode.

Why might a child use a decoy app?

  • To store and hide their photos, videos and sometimes their text messages.
  • To avoid suspicion.
  • To throw off a curious parent.

How do I deal with decoy apps?

  • Be aware of the apps a child uses
  • Download them all yourself to test them
  • Try to think why a decoy app might be downloaded
  • If you notice two apps that are the same (such as a calculator), question why this is.
  • Consider the child’s behaviour; have they been anxious or agitated?
  • Some examples of decoy apps are:

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McAfee: Why Kids Secret Decoy Apps and Why Parents Should Care