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Complete the Digital Test by correctly answering the questions below and scoring 80% or more. When you pass the test you will receive a Digital Certificate.

The club is always responsible for the athletes when travelling to and from competitions

Safeguarding refers only to the safety of yourself within your family

Anyone taking up a position in a club should have their references checked even if you know them well.

If a child needs first aid treatment you should respect their privacy by bringing them into a room in their own.

The signs of abuse can always be seen by another person

Physical contact should be to meet the child’s needs, not the adult’s.

The NVB act and Part 5 of the Police Act requires that all individuals in specified roles are vetted before taking up their position

You should never be on your own in a car with a child

You should always include your own opinion of what has happened when recording a young person’s disclosure

If someone is offering their time voluntarily then the organisation should not bother interviewing/meeting them to assess their suitability