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Good Practice Principles of Youth Sport and Codes of Conduct

Safeguarding children and young people in sport is based on a number of core principles;

  • Children have the right to have fun and be safe in their sporting activities. Coaches/volunteers need to work with them and their parents/guardians to ensure clear boundaries are in place, understood and agreed by all.
  • Safeguarding is simply about ensuring best practice guidelines are communicated, understood and accepted as common practice.
  • Sport activities are uniquely placed to contribute to safeguarding and the welfare of children. Coaches/volunteers have a responsibility to be a good role model and to be a listening ear if a young person has a concern.


  • Sport activities may provide easy access to someone who wants to harm children. Young people may be vulnerable from those with an inappropriate interest in children, due to the creation of dependency on that person or isolation from others within sport.

Please Note:

Safeguarding courses can arouse uncomfortable feelings for some participants given the sensitive nature of the topic and participants need to care for themselves while completing this course.

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