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Parents/Carers' support for their young person

When we asked young people involved in sport what they wanted from their parents/carers they said they wanted them to:

  • Be enthusiastic but not embarrassing;
  • Make sure they get to training/the game on time and are collected on time.

Most young people are only given the opportunity to test out their interests in sports because of their parent’s commitment to transport them from an early age.

Parents support for their child’s involvement in sport

  • Think about what their child wants to get out of the sport
  • Understand what their child is trying to achieve and what support they need to achieve it
  • Be the best role model they can be to help their child enjoy their sporting experience?
  • Focus on their child’s development and enjoyment

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CPSU | Parents in Sport

See how parents can impact on their children during sport in the CPSU 'My Magic Sports Kit' video below.